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Laimon products are manufactured by the United Bottling Group, the Russian company with which BIZNES AZIYA has been productively cooperating since 2019.

The United Bottling Group specializes in bottling soft drinks and bottled drinking water.

Laimon is a carbonated soft drink with a 100% natural composition.

Laimon Fresh is a drink with a unique flavor combination of lime, lemon and mint. Contains 100% natural ingredients, including 7% fruit juice.

Laimon Orange is a drink with a unique flavor combination of orange, lemon and mint. 100% natural composition. Contains fruit juice.

Laimon fresh Still is a lite version of Laimon Fresh – gas-free. Contains fruit juice. Sweetener free. This drink is suitable for those who love the taste of Laimon Fresh, take care of the figure and prefer drinks with low calorie content.


The drinks are presented in different forms:

  • 500 ml and 1 L plastic bottles
  • 330 ml aluminum can