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Partner: Mareven

Rollton products are manufactured by the international company Mareven with which BIZNES AZIYA has been successfully cooperating since 2019.

Mareven Food Central is a Russian subsidiary of the international holding company Mareven Food Holdings Ltd. which specializes in the development, production and promotion of a wide range of food products. These are such famous brands as Rollton, BIGBON, Petra

Rollton is a brand with a wide range of products.

Rollton instant noodles are loved by both children and adults for the ease of use and rich taste of homemade broth. The products are presented in briquettes, trays and tumblers.

Mashed potatoes are made only from natural potatoes with various food additives to satisfy even the most faithful gastronomers. The products are presented in tumblers for convenient brewing.

Using Rollton broths will give a soup a rich taste and flavor.

Rollton condiments meet high quality and will become an integral part of the dishes being cooked.

Egg noodles and pasta is a product that conveys the whole taste of homemade noodles.

Durum wheat pasta is ideal as garnish maintaining its shape and taste during cooking.